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pueb1A member had a noisy front wheel bearing so Dave Lenzi is going to disassemble it. pueb2Dave has installed the bearing puller and will mount the hub assembly on the stand.
pueb3The pulling of the bearing off the hub has begun. Most bearings do not pull to hard. pueb4This is a better view of the bearing puller. It takes a special puller to get behind the brake rotor. This bearing is pulling hard.
pueb5The bearing is off the hub, and now we can get a look at the hub surface. pueb6Dave is checking the bearings for wear. Gets to be quite an array of parts and tools.
derby1Sign-in and weighing of the Pinewood Derby racers. derby2Lots of different color schemes to the racers.
derby3Even the gals got into the racing and Alex made sure the weight was correct! derby4There were lots of volunteers to help make the race a success.
derby5Fred and Walt are working on the sound system and the timing scoreboard. derby6Here the racers come down the track. Ray 'druber made the track and the timing unit.
derby7The finish line, this was a close race! Notice the headlights on the red racer.