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Club History

The GMC Greater Midwest Classics motorhome club was formed in the Spring of 1991, and is a chapter of the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA). In the Fall of 1990, a group of Midwest area GMC owners were attending the GMC International convention at Mackinaw, MI. A sign was put up asking all the Minnesota GMC owners to meet with the idea of forming a Midwest area club. At this rather informal meeting, it was agreed to continue to pursue the forming of a Midwest area club.

    In 1991, letters were sent out by Fritz Kruschel and Harold Neumann for the first rally, which was held at the KOA campground in Rogers, MN on May 11th and 12th, 1991. Those attending this rally were Al & Laurie Amsden, Wally & Phyllis Arntzen, Wayne & Viola Beek, Gayle & Reava Brodil, David & Debi Erickson, Conrad & Linda Freeman, Fritz & Elaine Kruschel, Bob & Carma LaCasse, Ron & Chris Larsen, Bob & Yvonne Miller and Harold & Fern Neumann. Wagonmasters were Fritz Kruschel and Harold Neumann. Officers elected at this meeting were; President, Fritz Kruschel; Vice President, Al Amsden; Secretary/Treasurer, Yvonne Miller. Dues were set at $5.00 per year.

    The next rally was at Breezy Point, MN on June 28-30th with Conrad and Linda Freeman as wagonmasters. At this rally the name of Greater Midwest Classics was chosen, and the area will include Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Manitoba and Ontario. Nebraska would be added at a later date. It was decided that the club would have three rally's per year, which has occurred since that time.

    The club grew rapidly in the early '90's under the leadership of Fritz Kruschel. Others who have served the post of President are; Cal Danielson, 1995 thru 1996; Darcy Moses, 1997 thru 1998; Chuck Kokesh, 1999 thru 2000; Ward Lewis, 2001 thru 2002; Wes Nielsen, 2003 thru 2004; Dean Witwer, 2005 thru 2006; Bob Miller, 2007 thru 2008; Howard Glenna, 2009-2010; Lucy Weidner, 2011-2012; Yvonnie Miller, 2013-2014; Wayne Hasek, 2015-2016; Anita White, 2017-2018; Karen Roberts, 2019-2021, Teresa Dahl 2021-Present.

    A 10th Anniversary rally was held at the St Cloud Campground in St Cloud MN in the Spring of 2001. A 25th Anniversary rally was held again in St Cloud MN in July of 2016. Photo's of the groups attending these rally's can be viewed on the Photos page.


Greater Midwest Classics is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization

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