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2009 Pueblo CO Rally

13 photo(s) Updated on: 11/11/2019
  • The finish line, this was a close race! Notice the headlights on the red racer.
  • Fred and Walt are working on the sound system and the timing scoreboard.
  • Here the racers come down the track. Ray 'druber made the track and the timing unit.
  • There were lots of volunteers to help make the race a success.
  • Even the gals got into the racing and Alex made sure the weight was correct!
  • Lots of different color schemes to the racers.
  • Sign-in and weighing of the Pinewood Derby racers.
  • Dave is checking the bearings for wear. Gets to be quite an array of parts and tools.
  • This is a better view of the bearing puller. It takes a special puller to get behind the brake rotor. This bearing is pulling hard.
  • The bearing is off the hub, and now we can get a look at the hub surface.
  • The pulling of the bearing off the hub has begun. Most bearings do not pull to hard.
  • Dave has installed the bearing puller and will mount the hub assembly on the stand.
  • A member had a noisy front wheel bearing so Dave Lenzi is going to disassemble it.


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