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May 2007 Newsletter


From The President – Bob Miller

Greetings to all Greater Midwest Classics club members. I am saddened to write my first communication to you after the loss of three of our members since our last get together. By now many have heard of the passing of Laurie Amsden, (one of our charter members) Mary Smyrski and Kathleen Baron. We also have members that battled serious illness during the winter and I am happy to report that all of them are winning the battle as of this writing. I know I speak for all club members in saying that our thoughts and prayers go to the families of our members who passed on and to those members who are fighting the successful battle of illness.  

Here we are in the spring of 07 and all are anxious for good weather and great times ahead this summer. Three rallies are scheduled for 07 and they look to be good ones. If you have not already done so make sure you get them on your calendar and plan to attend. (check our website at for the dates and locations.) For the first time we are planning a rally during the week rather than on the weekend and I think that we will find that this time frame will work out well. Bob and Marlys Drewes have planed an exciting spring rally near Sioux Falls on June 5th, 6thand 7th with the highlight being an EROS Tour which normally is not conducted. So this is a must attend rally with special thanks to Bob and Marlys for making this happen. The summer rally will be at the Buffalo House campground, 10 miles south of Duluth on July 27th 28th and 29th. I want to give a special thanks to Jim and Teresa Dall for hosting as I somewhat twisted their arm after they suggested the Duluth area. Our fall rally will be in conjunction with the fall rally of GMC International at the Amana Colonies in Iowa.  Wes and Elaine Nielsen agreed to be the wagon masters---or should I say I “volunteered” them.

    Our club continues to be strong both financially and in number of members. This is a tribute to those who have served in leadership roles over the years. I wish to give special thanks to my predecessor, Dean Witwer who worked extremely hard to tackle difficult areas such as the financial well being of the club and also for bringing organization and procedures up to date and a fundamental part of the club in years to come. Thank you Dean for all you hard work. 

    The theme for my term is going to be making sure that our club is fun.  I think that having fun at rallies is very important along with keeping our GMC’s on the road and in tip top shape. We have fantastic members with diverse backgrounds who all share at least one common interest and I look forward to getting to know all of you better in the next two years.   This is your club and my style of leadership is listening to what our members would like and with everyone’s help lead in that direction. So please feel free to call me at 651-429-6152, e-mail me at, or just talk with me at the rallies.

    On a personal note, I am in the process of changing out my tired Caddy 500 engine, with an estimated 225,000 miles, with a fresh one. The tired one was pulled out yesterday---thanks to Lee Lieder for use of his pulling equipment--- and got the oil pan and a few special parts to the engine rebuilder who has the rebuilt one done and almost ready to dyno.  I am having fun doing this so I guess I am just a gearhead at heart.

    Lastly, I do want your input on what you would like to see take place in our club. Ideas or suggestions of any kind will be considered.  I cannot guarantee that we can implement each and every one but we will consider everything. Together we can make sure our club is fun, social, and informative about our wonderful GMC’s. See you in South Dakota.  

From Vice President - Howard Glenna

    Midge and Howard Glenna need your help.  Midge is the new sunshine lady and needs your input.  The name of any one needing a little sunshine should be passed along to Midge.  Howard needs your input on where and what you would like at our 2008 rallies.  Give us your good ideas, and if possible, help with being a wagon master to host a 2008 rally.

Dues – For those of you who have not submitted your 2007 dues, please send your check to Treasurer, Sandi Renk, 1116 Rushmore Drive, Burnsville, MN 55306-8604.                                       

If you know someone that wishes to join, membership applications can be obtained by phone, email, or US mail to President Bob Miller, Bob Drewes, Sandi Renk, newsletter editor Sherry Moore or on the clubs website.  

Sweatshirts and Windbreakers - New orders may be placed for next spring by contacting Dianne Moore at 563-332-5299 or ordering at spring rally for summer delivery.


For Sale

1976 Eleganza updates and a 1977 Eleganza, Lowell Olson, 507-373-9039 

1976 GMC Eleganza, $25,000, Rudy Monk, 324 ½ East First Street, Monticello, IA 52310-150 Ph.319-465-6270 or Son Randy at 319-465-5794

1977 GMC Royal, $20,000, Brodil-Corman, 651-686-4606,

    GMC Great Midwest Classics 2007 Officers:  President:  Bob Miller, Vice President:  Howard Glenna, Secretary:  Sandi Renk, Newsletter Editor:  Sherry Moore, Membership Book & Webmaster:  Bob Drewes, FMCA Director:  Howard Glenna, FMCA Alternate:  Sherry Moore, Nominating Committee:  Dean Witwer, Darrell Moore, Bob Mesarchik 


 2006 President Dean Witwer bows to 2007 President Bob Miller at the Christmas Gathering in Albert Lea, Minnesota.  Thank you Dean for your good work and Welcome to Bob.  Also thanks to Lowell Olson, who organized and facilitated a wonderful party and served twice as wagon master in 2006.


Christmas Cheer

 New Vice President, Howard Glenna beseeches new President, Bob Miller, pleading for Christmas wine, but Bob ignored the request and imbibed his Christmas Cheer.  Actually Howard was garnering it for his wife--- who has been known to transport wine home from California.


Bob and Marlys Drewes, Jim and Anita White, Martin & Karen Luebke, and Darwin and Marlene Kreun comprises the spring rally committee. This is a mid-week rally and they have a lot of items packed in this event, so plan to come on in.

Spring Rally, Tuesday June 5th, Wednesday June 6th, and Thursday June 7th

The rally will be held at the Yogi Bear CampgroundExit 402 on I-90 just east of Sioux Falls SD. The sites for our rally will have full hook-ups. There will be information available for the gals to go shopping, crafting, etc.  A business meeting and an informal tech session will be scheduled for one of the mornings.

Tuesday evening will be a cookout & pot luck. Bring your own meat & bun, plate, utensils and a dish to share. Ice cream social will be served. 

Wednesday morning will be coffee & rolls, and the EROS tour will be at 2:00 pm in the afternoon. The EROS complex is about 8 miles north of the campground. EROS gathers scientific information from the satellites and has the largest database and mapping program in the world. Security is tight, but it will be a very interesting tour.

Wednesday evening will be a catered meal with a choice of two meats, two side dishes, rolls and dessert for $ 7.00 per person. Everything will be furnished.

Thursday morning will be the “breakfast-in-a-bag”, everything will be furnished.

If you are coming to the rally, you need to make your own reservations. Call the campground at
1-800-638-9043 by May 25th and tell them you are with the GMC rally group.

If you are going on the EROS tour, you need to send the name or names of who is taking the tour, to Bob Drewes before May 20th . Bob needs to get the list of names to security at EROS in advance. Contact Bob Drewes at 605-997-2550, or mail to 501 E Broad Ave, Flandreau SD 57028-1315, or e-mail

The day of the tour, a photo ID may be required.  



Greater Midwest Classics is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization

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