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August 2007 Newsletter


From The President – Bob Miller

Greetings, Greater Midwest Classics Club members.  I hope everyone is having a great summer and getting your GMC projects done.  For those who could not attend the Duluth summer rally, you missed a very good time. Wagon Masters Theresa and Jim Dall hosted at the Buffalo House Campground about ten miles from Duluth. We had twenty coaches plus five who drove cars for a total of twenty-five members or about fifty people in attendance. We even had a couple from Indiana who belong to the Great Lakers join our rally and they commented to me about how friendly our club is and what a good time they had.  Many arrived on Thursday and had a good time socializing prior to the official rally start on Friday.

Friday evening was the usual pot luck followed by a gathering to watch the sun set and enjoy each others company. Saturday morning started with a great breakfast in a bag served by many of the ladies and cooked by Jim White.  After the business meeting the guys had a tech session and the gals worked on getting ready for the September GMC International Red Hat Tea that our club is hosting. In the afternoon many members drove to Duluth to participate in the many activities available such as a harbor boat tour, an ore ship tour, or just shopping and dining in one of the many spots near the water. In the evening we ate at the restaurant located on the campground followed by a relaxing time around the campfire. Sunday morning brought us together one final time for coffee and rolls and then off to home or lake cabins, or more sight seeing. Thanks Theresa and Jim for a great job as wagon masters. 

Our fall rally will be in conjunction with the GMC International rally at the Iowa Amana Colonies from September 16 through the 22, 2007.  This promises to be another great combined rally and I hope that you can attend. We will have our meeting on Monday, September 17 at 5:00 PM followed by the Famous Glenna Stack Up Meal so don’t miss this one. A special thanks to Midge and Howard for volunteering to prepare this meal as they also did at the South Dakota combined rally in the fall of 2005.  The location of our Monday night meeting will be announced by posting on the GMC International general meeting room bulletin boards. Thanks to Bob Drewes who got our request in to GMC International early, so we should get a good location. 

Many people commented to me directly or to others that the Duluth rally was really fun. I am glad to hear that since this should be what our club is all about. The fun part is a result of all of you who make it that way. Thanks to everyone who gives so freely of time and effort to make our club so great. As an example of that, we had a visit from a gentleman who drove to our site in his 56 Thunderbird to see the coaches and find out how he should go about selling his GMC which he has not used in years. Many of you spent time with him on Saturday evening and as a result I received an e-mail from him this morning asking for the names and web sites of GMC suppliers so he can get his coach updated and start using it rather then selling it. He said he really enjoyed visiting with all the people and seeing all the great coaches and that made him change his mind. 

Our club continues to be strong both financially and in membership which is great to report. At the same time we must continue to look for ways to bring in younger members and I think Bob LaCasse may have hit upon something.  He left early Sunday morning to put his coach in a classic car show near his home. I think this may be an answer in generating a renewed interest so I suggest that if you get the opportunity to enter your coach in a show, please do so. Being a classic car guy myself, I have seen younger people finally taking an interest in the cars and maybe we can get them to take pride in owning a GMC motorhome for the same reason.  This is getting long so I had better stop or Sherry Moore will run out of space. By the way, thanks Sherry for a continued great job on the newsletter. See you all in Iowa.  Bob       

 From Vice President - Howard Glenna

The upcoming fall rally in Amana, Iowa is a great opportunity to attend a GMC International Convention.  Get your reservation to International soon as must be postmarked August 24 to avoid late charges.  Because this convention is in our area, our club is helping with a few things.  We are the support group that Bob Drewes is heading.  Marlys Drewes is heading the Red Hat Tea.  For the Red Hat Tea, please bring two dozen small cookies.  The cookies do not need to be home baked as it is too hot!  Someone suggested that the Dollar Store has fun cookies.

Christmas Gathering, Wednesday, December 5, 2007, Albert Lea, MN Albert Lea Elks Club, 1811 South Broadway on City Route #65 Wagonmaster – Lowell Olson 

Spring Rally, 2008, May 13 – 15 at Lake Okoboji near Sprit Lake, Iowa  Wagonmasters – John and Pam Kragt note for the Spring Rally---we are going to have the tool we got from Norma Moses and some spare door hinge bushings.  We can install them in your coach if you come to the rally.  Put it on your calendar.

Summer Rally, 2008, July 14 – 17 at Minnesota State Fair Grounds, St. Paul, MN. It will be in conjunction with FMCA’s 80th International Convention. Fall Rally to be determined.

Pre-Rally Gathering occurred at Howard and Midge Glenna’s home with six coaches attending.  The editor has had difficulty collecting facts on this event but it is alleged that Jim White was doing some flying---sans airplane.  Howard’s shop was put to use by GMC aficionados John Biwersi and Denny Renk and the threesome completed minor repairs for an in route coach and tech support for another coach.  Our GMC’s forge many friendships and good times and an accumulation of knowledge to keep them on the road.

As in previous years, GMC Motorhomes International requests our assistance at the September Amana Rally as it will be in our Midwest membership area. Although GMCMI wants you as a member of the national club, you do not need to be a member to attend their rally.  Contact Emery Stora, GMCMI,  505-660-9507, or go to the website to become a member or register for the rally   Current GMCMI members have received their convention (rally) application form.  Reservations after August 24 require a late fee.  Early arrival permitted beginning Friday, September 14.  We need to know who is attending and if they are willing to help with the rally.  Michelle Stora is requesting volunteers for non-technical seminars on crafts or hobbies.

Bob Drewes is our point person for the Amana Rally.  Please contact Bob and let him know (1) if planning to attend, would you be willing to help out and (2) do you have any restrictions such as needing to work sitting rather than work requiring much walking.   You can contact Bob by e-mail at or by phone at 605-997-2550.  (Editor’s Note:  Thank You Bob)

Fall Rally –September 16 – 22, 2007, Amana Colonies, in Conjunction with GMC Motorhomes International 25th Anniversary Rally at Amana Colonies RV Park in Amana, Iowa.  Wagon Masters are Wes and Elaine Nielsen and Dean and Sue Witwer.  Dean and Sue Witwer have lived near the Amana Colonies for a life time and would be happy to give you suggestions for dining, shopping, sight seeing and jazz. Directions; I-80 Exit 225, North on Hwy. 151 for five miles to Hwy. 6.  Turn right toward Homestead.  Hwy 151 east through Homestead and then north to Amana.  At the intersection of Hwy 151 and 220 continue north and turn left on C Street (the first left.)  The entrance to the park is the next left.

Editor’s Note:  President Bob Miller is searching for a newspaper editor as my replacement. I know there are several of you that have the computer and writing ability to fulfill this role and I would be happy to help anyone transition into this position.  Be one of the many individuals that give of their time to keep our GMC’s and club rolling along.

Midge Glenna is sunshine lady so send her the name of anyone needing a little sunshine and Midge will send them a card.  Vice President Howard Glenna is always interested in locations and ideas for 2008 rallies.  Share your ideas or volunteer to be a wagon master.

Mailing Address or Email change:  Please notify Treasurer, Sandi Renk, 1116 Rushmore Drive, Burnsville, MN 55306-8604.                              

If you know someone that wishes to join Greater Midwest Classics, membership applications can be obtained by phone, email, or US mail to President Bob Miller, Bob Drewes, or newsletter editor Sherry Moore. 

Sweatshirts and Windbreakers - New orders may be placed by contacting Dianne Moore at 563-332-5299.



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