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March 2009 Newsletter


From The President – Howard “Howie” Glenna

       Greetings to all the Greater Midwest Classics members!!  This is my first letter as president and I have to admit a little humbling when I look at the list of past presidents.  They did a fantastic job and I have big shoes to fill.  Thank you past presidents and officers, for your outstanding work.  I have a great team of current officers to help with keeping our club fun and viable and I look forward to some fun times ahead for us all.  It seems this day everyone has to have a mission statement.  As anyone who has worked in corporate America I have to question the validity of such.  However, let me suggest that our mission statement should be to:  HAVE FUN AND KEEP THESE GMC MOTORHOMES RUNNING.
 Our last event in 2008 was our Christmas party, hosted by Larry and Lucy Weidner in Menomonie, Wisconsin.  We had 25 in attendance, had a fine dinner and went to the very historic Mabel Tainter Theater for an evening play of Arsenic and Old Lace followed by a back stage tour conducted by Larry and Lucy.  On behalf of all of us in attendance thanks for a most enjoyable evening!!

GMCMI Spring Convention          MARCH 22-27, 2009                  Dothan, AL
SPRING RALLY                         MAY 29-31, 2009                      Waseca, MN
FALL RALLY                              SEPTEMBER 10-13, 2009         Menomonie, WI

The Spring 2009 rally for the GMC Greater Midwest Classics will be held May 29-31, 2009 at Kiesler’s Campground in Waseca, MN (Waseca is 10 miles west of Owatonna on Highway 14).  Early arrival is available on May 28th. Make reservations for the rally directly with the campground at 507-835-3179, or visit the website at  We have both full hookups and electric/water reserved.  Please mention the GMC group & hookup requested when you call in your reservation.  You can come on May 28th for early arrival.  Reservations must be in by May 1st to assure our very good rate of $22.00 + tax per night.  This includes our use of their heated recreation hall.  A schedule of events will be in our next newsletter.
    If you would like to get in touch with me, email is not the best or fastest.  I have the slowest dial-up in the world and I do not check it regularly.  Give me a call on my telephone at 715-426-5650.
    If you have not heard this by now, Firestone has stopped making the rear suspension air bags for our GMC coaches.  They had one last run the end of December and they were shipped to a few suppliers.  I suspect they are going too be difficult to purchase as time goes by.  If you suspect you need replacements now might be the time to check into their availability.  We will not be out of options because there is a four-bag conversion available but this is a lot more money.  This should be a good topic at our spring rally.

We need your contribution of ideas for future rallies.  Your officers will assist anyone with rally ideas.  You know your part of the world best and it would be fun to share.  If you would like to have a rally near your home so you do not have to drive very far give us a call.
    If you have not looked into GMC International, may I suggest this club!  They are chartered just as the Greater Midwest Classics under the FMCA umbrella.  Because of their similar charter we are not required to be part of the GMC International for our club membership, as we are required to be members of FMCA.  The GMC International has many benefits that I feel would appeal to most GMC Motorhome owners.  The International GMC Rallies have some of the best technical information on our coaches.  They also publish a PARTS INTERCHANGE INDEX that is most helpful and a benefit of membership.  Check out the web site.
    Larry and Lucy Weidner are planning on attending the GMCMI Spring rally and invite those that would like to caravan to Alabama with them.  I am hopeful that Midge and I can also make that trip.
    Last but not least I want to thank all that sent get well and sympathy cards to me.  They were appreciated. 

                                                 From Vice President- Lucy Weidner, Chief Wagon Master, Greetings from you new VP!
As your new Vice President I’m still trying to get a handle on my duties but I’m greatly reassured by having Howard’s expertise and the other experienced officers to work with. My thanks to Howard Glenna and Sandi Renk for getting the Spring rally set up.  I hope we can provide an interesting and entertaining schedule for all of our attendees.  You will see in Howard’s letter regarding the fall 2009 rally the location is Menomonie.   I want all of you to know that if someone else wants to host the fall 2009 rally in their area, it would be fine, as this is not set in stone.  We would like to keep the date listed though. I’d also like to ask for your input regarding the activities, tech sessions, etc. we could have.  If there’s a topic you would like addressed, both men and women, let me know.  If anyone has a special talent that could be shared or taught to others, let me know.  An interest of mine is reading and books, perhaps we could do something in the area of a book exchange or discussion about books that may be of interest to people—just a thought. In closing, I’d like to support Howard’s request for future rally sites and that you won’t have to go it alone, we’re here to help.  Many times there are great things to do in the area that you live, and we’d like to know about them.  Our organization and rallies can only be as good as its members. To get a hold of me, email is best.  My email address is:   Unlike Howie, we check ours often!  Hope some of you can join us on our trip to Alabama, just let us know of your interest.
My thanks to all of you for your thoughts, prayers and cards during my illness.  I see a light at the end of the tunnel. 
Editor’s Note: I will continue to make this newsletter better with your help.  Please let me know what you would like to see in it or items I need to include.  My email is:  my cell phone is 319-240-2460.  Wayne and I made a big move in February, 2009.  We sold our home that we built 41 years ago and moved to our home on the Mississippi River.  We have rented a small duplex in Reinbeck to use when we return to take care of civic, volunteer and family responsibility.  Our contact in Harpers Ferry, Iowa is PO Box 262, 705 North 1st Street, Harpers Ferry, Iowa 52146, phone: 563-586-2554 & email   Our contact in Reinbeck is PO Box  224, 301 Commercial Street, Reinbeck, Iowa 50669, email:  We use our cell phones and Jane’s is 319/240-2460 and Wayne’s is 319/269-8749.  You can get us anytime by either email or our cell phones and we check the land line phone at Harpers Ferry fairly regular.
Midge Glenna is sunshine lady so send her the name of anyone needing a little sunshine and Midge will send them a card.  Her phone # is:  715/426-5650.   Vice President Lucy Weidner is always interested in locations and ideas for rallies.  Share your ideas or volunteer to be a wagon master.  Lucy’s email is 
Mailing address or Email change:  Please notify Treasurer, Sandi Renk, 1116 Rushmore Drive, Burnsville, MN 55306-8604 or email:  (Note this is a new email for Sandi) 
    If you know someone that wishes to join Greater Midwest Classics, membership applications can be obtained by phone, email, or US mail to President Howard Glenna, Bob Drewes, or newsletter editor.
Web site: has great information about our GMC club.  Visit it often and share with perspective members.  Bob Drewes has done an excellent job with our web site.  News, photos (look at the new ones from the Christmas party), for sale items, rally’s etc. Send Bob information for the web site:                 Sweatshirts and Windbreakers can be obtained by contacting Dianne Moore at 563-332-5299.
Thank you to Norma Moses for donating to the GMC club, the special tool to change hinge pins.  
Be one of the many individuals that give of their time to keep our GMC’s and club rolling along!!!!!

For Sale

More information on these coaches for sale can be found on the website:

1974 Canyon lands.  Fritz Kruschel, Woodbury, MN. Ph. 612-739-7038

1976 Eleganza  and a 1977 Eleganza, Lowell Olson,   507-373-9039

1978 Royal.  Many upgrades, rear twin beds, 51,000 miles. Bob LaCasse  651-894-4215

1977 Eleganza II.  Joe or Randy at 605-396-2466 or email:

1977 Palm Beach.  Martin Leubke, Garretson, SD  605-261-7309

1973 Canyonlands:  Rush City, MN.  320-358-3330





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