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July 2010 Newsletter

From the President, Howard "Howie" Glenna.
    Faribault, MN is our next rally. This should be a fun rally, we stayed a night after our Sioux Falls, SD rally to check this site out and there are so many things to do that we are going to make the August rally and extra day just to get all the fun packed in and not to miss too much. Camp Faribo is shaded and an established RV park and is near trails and the town of Faribault. There is even shopping at a very large discount outlet mall a short distance from the park. As I write this newsletter we are still finalizing the agenda. The rally will be August 5-8, with early arrivals on the 4th. Because I suspect this will be our best attended rally we will be holding our elections for your new officers. Your current officers will just have to be "lame duck" officers until January 1, 2011. I promise to keep the business meeting as short as possible. Our Fall rally will be in conjunction with the GMC International rally in Du Quoin, Illinois September 26-October 1. With their rally in our area it will be a good opportunity for our club to work with the GMC International group. For those club members who have not had the opportunity of meeting many of the International vendors, this is your chance. As many of you know, I have had many problems with my Email and my internet connection. I hope it is fixed. If you have ideas or suggestions give me a call. We are always looking for ways to improve. Sioux Falls was a great rally to start our 2010 season. I hope to have more information about the wheel grease seal issues we discussed at our last technical session. As many of you know our GMC club was formed to help each other maintain our coaches. I am always amazed at the abilities and talents in our group. The sharing and caring attitude makes keeping these 30 plus year old coaches much easier and enjoyable. When you learn something about our coaches you would like to share, please come forward. We have all levels of skills in our group and we are all still learning. It never stops. It seems the gentleman who was making our name tags and coach plaques has decided to quit the business. Sandi Renk, our Treasurer has spent countless hours keeping this on track and after all of her work it appears we will be starting over again. So, to those waiting for your name tags and plaques, we are in the process of finding a new source.

Greetings from Lucy Weidner, Vice President and rally coordinator.
    The 2010 Summer rally will be held at Camp Faribo, Faribault MN on August 5-8th. Early arrivals can come in on August 4th. The campground is located at 21851 Bagley Avenue, Faribault, MN. 55021, just off exit #56, I-35 South. The website for the campground is 
The committee has arranged a lot of activities, such as a factory tour of the Tilt-a-whirl company, a glass plant tour (they make the windshields for our GMC coach), hiking trails, outlet malls, etc. There will be the usual pot luck, breakfast in a bag, and a catered meal. More information is available at the campground office and there will be a schedule hand-out when you come into camp. You must make your own reservations by calling the Weidner's at 715-235-7422, the deadline for reservations is July 28th, 2010.
The Fall rally for GMCGMC will be at DuQuoin, Illinois in conjunction with the GMC Motorhomes International convention. The dates are September 26-October 1.
    We need a site for the 2010 Christmas party, any ideas?
The 2011 Spring rally will be held in Houston, MN. The Glenna's and Sandi Renk are the wagonmasters.
    The 2011 Summer rally will be held in Redwood Falls, MN with John Parker as wagon master.
The 2011 Fall rally, the committee is looking at a rolling rally after the GMC International convention in Goshen, Indiana.

Greetings from Bob Miller, GMCMI VP for the Midwest region;
    Hi everyone. I hope you are having a great summer and are able to use your GMC. I want to encourage you and remind all of you about the GMC Motorhomes International Fall convention beginning September 26 through October 1 at DuQuoin, Illinois. This location is South and a little west of Mt. Vernon, IL and is about 650 miles from Minneapolis,St Paul, MN. Please put those dates on your calendar and plan on attending because it is always a wonderful week full of seminars, activities, socializing and a large number of GMC motorhomes in one place. I look forward to seeing you there.

Midge Glenna is sunshine lady so send her the name of anyone in the club that needs a little sunshine and support. Call Midge at 715-426-5650.

Notify Sandi Renk of any mailing address or e-mail changes. Contact Sandi at 1116 Rushmore Dr, Burnsville, MN 55306-8604.

The GMC Greater Midwest Classics website is  Bob Drewes is the webmaster, visit the site to see the latest news for our club, rallys, for sale, etc. The website is being updated with the latest W3 standards.

Larry Weidner has furnished information about an improved braking system designed by Chuck Aulgur of Western States, called the "Reaction arm braking system". This is a great piece of engineering to help with the rear wheel braking system on the GMC coaches, especially the sliding of the rear wheels of the rear bogie system during a panic stop. Jim Kanomata of Applied GMC is going to supply a complete 'Reaction arm braking system' through a raffle that is headed up by Steve Ferguson and the GMC Western States. You can get more info on the raffle and the brake system at this link:



Greater Midwest Classics is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization

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