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June 2011 Newsletter

 Greetings to all of you –

Well we kicked off our 20th Anniversary year with a bang!  Cushon’s Peak Campground in Houston, MN was the site for our gathering.  Approximately 40 people with 19 coaches braved the elements for this auspicious occasion.  We started off with a 90-degree day on Thursday followed by a 40-degree drop in temperature for Friday, cloudy skies and some sprinkles.  Off we went to the Northland Lefse plant for a tour and breakfast.  We saw how they take the cooked potatoes, add flour, and make dough.  With flour flying all over the place, the dough was fed into a machine that flattened it out to look like very thin pizza dough, landed on a conveyer belt where a circle was “stamped” (it was a forceful stamp by a very slender young lady!), went into the roller machines, then removed with a big stick and moved to the dryer conveyer belt.  Whew!  All the machinery was specially designed by and manufactured for Northland Lefse.  We enjoyed a great breakfast, some shared a lefse/egg wrap, and some ate the WHOLE thing!  Some just had it with butter and cinnamon or sugar or jelly or whatever their childhood memory created for them.  Lots of stories were shared and a special Commemorating our 20th anniversary.  Al and his wife, Dori, joined us for a night of camping, alternator repair, and spent time visiting with many of us during a Thursday night social hour and potluck.  Al and Dori encouraged us to check out the FMCA rally in Madison, WI in August and told us about how to arrange coming into the rally so we can park together.

     Saturday morning brought us omelets in a bag and fruit and special guests Brenda and Rod Gens, Ward and Beverly Lewis, and Nick and Jeanne Quint.  Brenda shared photos taken at the 1992 rally held at Kessler’s Campground in Waseca, MN.  We were overjoyed to have these three couples join us who have such a long-standing history with our Midwest Club.  We were also fortunate to welcome a new couple to our group Jon and Jennifer Roche and their two young daughters who joined us as well.  It was exciting to see some younger folks interested in GMC’s.  I had the opportunity to conduct my first business meeting as President and even though I have a voice that projects, I needed a microphone in order to compete with the hard rain we had pounding on the metal roof of our building!

I brought up the subject of changing the timeline for our dues payment and the group voted to not collect any dues until July of 2012.  The dues year will now run from July 1st to June 30th.  Hopefully this will help with dues being submitted on time with no hassle for the snowbirds and our booklet will be ready for the fall meetings.  

    The men got together and talked parts and shared information while the women planned the ladies social for the GMCMI rally in Amana Colonies, Iowa.  For those who were interested, a tour of Sandi’s brother’s (Keith) round barn was enjoyed, while others checked out local shopping and others took naps!!  It was so-o-o-o cold, damp and rainy.

      Evening brought us a great catered dinner from Stumpy’s with Bob Miller doing his usually wonderful job as emcee of our evening program.  He had the group share as to how long they’ve had their coach, when they joined our club, and any special memory they had to share,  It was so delightful!

      Sunday morning brought us together one more time for a light breakfast, coffee and more conversation.  Lots of hugs and warm wishes and safe travels were shared with all.

      The FMCA Midwest Area rally will be held in Madison August 10th – 13th, 2011.  So far the Haseks, Weidners, and John Smyrski have indicated they will be attending.  If there are others out there that will be going, please let me know so I can coordinate with John and FMCA.  We need to let FMCA know ASAP of our intent.  It is my understanding we will have to meet somewhere and go in together.

      Please mark your calendars for the GMCMI rally, Sept. 9-11, 2011 in Goshen, IN.  We will have our fall meeting there, as a room has been set-aside for us.  The GMCMI rally, March 25-31, 2012 is in Shawnee Oklahoma, and Sept. 22-28, 2012 in Amana Colonies, Iowa.  Our group will be assigned to help with parking, host the ladies social, and have our fall meeting at the rally in Amana, IA.

      It’s been suggested that we add our contact information to the newsletter and you will find that information elsewhere in this newsletter.

      We appreciate the fine job that the Glenna’s and Sandi Renk did in planning and hosting this spring rally.  We had a great time and a huge thanks to them for a wonderful time!

See you soon
Lucy Weidner, President
To Contact Lucy Weidneer, President 715-235-7422 (H)  Try this number first
715-497-2998 cell 

Its summertime, summertime and we are ready to once again get together with our coaches and more importantly all of you for a fun summer rally in Redwood Falls, MN.  This is going to be a little different but a lot of fun because of the location, a car show and our time together.  We hope that all of you come to Redwood Falls in July and join the festivities.


Summer Rally Masters:  John and Wanda Parker, with help from your club officers.

DATES:  July 14th, 15th, 16th, and departing on the 17th.

CAMPGROUND:  Alexander Ramsey Park (largest Municipal Park in the state, 219 acres) located in the city of Redwood, Falls, MN.

RESERVATIONS DUE:  July 10th.  Make your reservations directly with Yvonne Miller

We are changing the routine this time because the club had to make the reservations with the city so please make your reservations directly with the club.  We have reserved all campsites at the park during our rally.

You can reach Yvonne Miller at 651-429-6152 (please leave a message if we are not home) 

If you are going before the 14th, please make your reservations directly with the city at 507-644-2333.  This is for time before the 14th only.

COST:  $25.00 per night.  There is electric at every site, water and sewer available in the park.  Please pay as you arrive.  We will have someone at the entrance.

DIRECTIONS:  The Park is located in town, in a valley just below the Redwood Falls Golf Club.  If you go to their website at you can get info on the course if you play golf.

From NORTH:  South on Hwy 71, drive through Redwood Falls and turn right on Lincoln Street.  Turn Left onto Oak Street and follow road directly to Golf Course, then continue past the golf course to the park.

From SOUTH:  In Redwood Falls go north on Hwy 71, turn right on Lincoln Street.  Turn Left onto Oak Street and follow road directly to Golf Course, then continue past the golf course

From EAST:  Hwy 19 West merges with Hwy 71 outside of Morton.  Follow Hwy 19/Hwy 17 into Redwood Falls, drive through Redwood Falls and turn Right on Lincoln Street.  Turn Left onto Oak Street and follow road directly to Golf Course, then continue past the golf course to the Park.

From WEST:  Hwy 19 East to Lincoln street turn left.  Follow to Oak Street and turn Left.  Follow Oak Street directly to Golf Course, then continue past the golf course to the park.


   Because of the car show and other things, it will be different this time in that we will not have a pot luck dinner, breakfast in a bag or a business meeting.

Thursday, July 14th:  No scheduled events.  You can golf, visit, explore, etc.

Friday, July 15th

        8:00 AM    Coffee and donuts

        9:00 AM    Guys – Tech sessions

                  Ladies – Getting to know you.  Bring an object to share with the       group to get to know you better.

        6:00 PM   Dinner at a local restaurant in Redwood Falls.

Saturday, July 16th

        8:00 AM  Coffee and donuts

        9:00 AM    Guys – Tech sessions

                  Ladies – Share a book or favorite movie that inspired you, made you  laugh or made you feel good.

        Afternoon – John Parker will have info on local attractions.

5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

      Cruise to Belview (10 miles) for classic car show, including GMC motorhomes (us!!!) A spot will be reserved for our GMC’s which will be a good way for the public to have more awareness of our classic coaches.  We hope you will participate by driving your coach there, if not, you can ride with others.  For those of you who have a classic car, bring that as well.

Sunday, July 17th:  Coffee, depart at your own pace.

     We are looking forward to this rally and are hoping for a good turnout for this rally/car show.  Also I am looking for suggestions for rally sites for the spring and summer 2012 rallies so if you have ideas please let me know.

Yvonne Miller, Vice President To contact Yvonne Miller 651-429-6152 (H)

Editor:  You can contact me in Harpers Ferry, by phone:-563-586-2554 or cell 319-240-2460   

Midge Glenna is sunshine lady so send her the name of anyone needing a little sunshine and Midge will send them a card.  Her phone # is:  715/426-5650.    

For paying dues, Change of mailing address, or Email changes:  Please notify Treasurer, Larry Johnson, 14451 Highway 23, Cold Spring, MN 56320-4613  

     The Greater Midwest Classics website is: has great information about our GMC club and how to join.  Visit it often and share with perspective members.  Bob Drewes has done an excellent job with our web site.  News, photos, For Sale items, Rally’s etc.. 

FOR SALE” NEW 12 Volt Firestone air compressor for the GMC air suspension, 150 psi, complete with stainless hose and  check valve, intake filter assembly.  $100.00 plus shipping.  Will bring this item to the Redwood Falls rally in July.  Bob Drewes – 605-997-2550 



Greater Midwest Classics is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization

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