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November 2011 Newsletter

News From Da’ Prez, Lucy Weidner 
    Greetings to all of you and I hope you have had a wonderful end of summer, beginning of fall and got to enjoy Mother Nature in all her colorful glory. This August, about 6 GMC’ers attended the FMCA rally in Madison, WI. It was our first time attending and I found it to have interesting sessions, great vendor area, and way too many expensive coaches on display! In September, 13 Greater Midwest Classics traveled to Goshen, IN to attend the International Rally and a wonderful time was had by all. There were 168 coaches in attendance. The Fairgrounds was a wonderful facility, we had great weather, and we got to park geographically with some folks allowing us to gain new members to our club. Ray and Lisa Erspamer from Wauwatosa, WI, owners of a 26’ 1978 Royal ( with a classy paint job), Dave & Sara Kneip from South Dakota, owners of a 26' 1976 Eleganza and their son Dan Kneip, owner of a 26' 1974 Painted Desert. Lots of time for gathering at coaches for happy hour, sharing meals, or just “gabbing”. The men had some wonderful tech sessions as always, and the women reverted to their “school daze” behaviors for the ladies social. Some of the women were naughtier than others!! Following our wonderful time in Goshen, 7 of our mighty group traveled to Ludington, MI to join the Great Lakers at their rally. They always have wonderful food and entertainment. Tom and Connie Fierek and Red and Carol Christofferson were the rally hosts. We started off on Friday night at Caldwell’s for a weenie roast on the shores of Lake Michigan and topped off the evening with roasting marshmallows. The warmer coats, hats and gloves come out so we could enjoy the fire and sunset. Saturday was the orchard day and folks could go to the Christofferson’s and pick Honey Crisp apples, chin dripping peaches, and delicious pears. These wonderful fruits afforded some mighty fine desserts as we continued our journey northward on Sunday. 
Our rolling rally started off with 6 coaches heading out at different times to meet up at Platte River Campground near Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park. The Lenzi’s, Drubers, Dalls, Drewes, Millers and the Weidner’s were all on the road and we met at the campground just in time for happy hour and were joined by Ward & Bev Lewis. We had a great campfire, compliments of Dave and Ray and we got a chance to visit with each other and relax. We climbed the Dunes (Ward beat us all to the top!!), visited museums, lighthouses, and other sights of interest. From here we left and headed to Wilderness State Park,crossed the Mackinac Toll Bridge (for a fee of $17.00) and stopped at Tahquamenon Falls State Campground. Teresa provided supper that night with Yellow Split Pea soup and yummy hot apple dessert. The Dalls left us and we were joined by the Kragt’s from Iowa. Dave and Mary Lenzi drove 60 miles one way to get us 
Whitefish for our dinner and we all ate like fools!! Ray and Carole organized a big breakfast for us the next morning and we had “smash”! Potatoes, onions, peppers, sausage, bacon, ham and whatever else we wanted to put in the fry pan topped off by a dozen eggs. Oh Lord, eating breakfast outside was like an “out of body” experience!! The smells of food frying, coffee brewing, makes my mouth just water remembering. Ray made one of the dishes without peppers so Bob Miller could enjoy with us! 
Our number began to dwindle after this campground as the Kragts, Drewes, and Drubers left us. We headed to our one and only boon docking campground which meant no plug ins so no TV! Why is this important you say? Well, this just happened to be the opening night for “Dancing With the Stars” and Yvonne and Lucy needed to have their fix, so-o-o, Yvonne sweet talked this nice bartender into letting us return that evening and watch it on one of their TV’s. Considering this was also Monday Night Football, this young man stood firm on having one TV reserved for us! 
When we left on Wednesday, we decided that we would just keep going to Copper Harbor allowing us to stay one day longer if we chose in this area. It’s right on the southern tip of Lake Superior and just beautiful. As we kept going farther North, it continued to get cold enough so that Dave Lenzi finally had to put on long pants!! The Miller’s left us at this point. It was in this spot that we had the worst weather. It rained for a day and a half with wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour and seas of 20 ft. Cold and miserable for a time, but still beautiful even in the worst weather. So the hardy three were left to head to Porcupine Mountains State Park to enjoy some hiking and look over Lake of the Clouds and see the beautiful colors. We ended our stay with another campfire and enjoying each other’s company. 
This was such a fun way to travel, everyone responsible for themselves, sightsee as they wanted, or do nothing. Larry Weidner did an exceptional job planniing this trip and we’re looking forward to doing another one soon. We hope more of you can join us in the future. I apologize if someone was part of our group and I missed your name. As Larry and I continue our travels, we learn more and more about what to take, what is important and what you can leave home.
I hope you’re getting FMCA newsletters and you log on to the International website to check out their newsletter so you can keep up with things. One of the items the International voted on was to purchase an AED (Automatic Electronic Defibrillator) for the club, so we’re in the process of researching what’s out there and doing some comparisons. Due to budgetary constraints, the FMCA is now just doing one annual meeting per year. They will still hold area meetings.
Lastly, please check out upcoming news about the holiday party and our first rally for 2012. Yvonne has been hard at work trying to get people to host a rally. Please remember, it’s not hard and you will have more help than you can handle!! Any questions or concerns? Just give me a jingle or email me. We’ll be home until January 1st. If I don’t see you at the holiday party, I wish you and yours a great holiday, safe travels and good health for the coming year.
Lucy Weidner, President 715-235-7422 (h) (try this number first)
715-497-2998 (cell)

A Message From The Vice President – Yvonne Miller 
A BIG thank you to Larry Weidner for planning the rolling rally. We had a great time, explored the Upper Peninsula and had lots of laughs around the campfire. Also the shared dinners were amazing.

GMC Greater Midwest Classics Holiday Party

Hi everyone! This year’s Holiday Party (Thanksgiving and Christmas) is scheduled for Wednesday, November 16th, once again at Manitou Station in White Bear Lake, MN. We will begin at 12:00 noon so we have plenty of time for conversation and good times together. We will have the room until mid afternoon so we can spend some time together after the meal.
Following that, everyone is again invited to Bob & Yvonne Miller’s home which is just a few blocks away at 4577 Lake Ave., in White Bear Lake. We hope to see everyone there.
WHEN: Wednesday, Nov. 16th
TIME: 12:00 noon
WHERE: Manitou Station, White Bear Lake, MN
Buffet Lunch: $20.00 per person
Cash bar
RESERVATIONS: Yvonne Miller at 651-429-6152 BY WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9TH.
White Bear Country Inn Best Western (Closest one, 3 blocks away)
4940 Highway 61 North
White Bear Lake, MN
Phone 651-429-5393

SPRING/SUMMER RALLY: June 14-17, 2012 at Fairmount, MN Wagon Masters: Brenda & Rodney Gens
FALL RALLY: is the International GMCMI at the Amana Colonies, IA, September 22-28, 2012.
Note: The Spring GMCMI meeting is March 25-31, 2012 at Shawnee, Oklahoma. (Check out their web site.)

Editor: You can contact me in Harpers Ferry, by phone:-563-586-2554 or cell 319-240-2460 

Midge Glenna is sunshine lady so send her the name of anyone needing a little sunshine and Midge will send them a card. Her phone # is: 715/426-5650. 

For paying dues, Change of mailing address, or Email changes: Please notify Treasurer, Larry Johnson, 14451 Highway 23, Cold Spring, MN 56320-4613 

Website: has great information about our GMC club and how to join. Visit it often and share with perspective members. Bob Drewes has done an excellent job with our web site. News, photos, For Sale items, Rally’s etc.. 



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